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Xtreme Dreams

Matt & Jeff's Fanz

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Just to note this community will be constantly updated with the latest Matt and Jeff news. We're both huge Hardyz fans and are up on just about everything going down with them Otherwise, it's pretty simple really, this is a place for fans of Matt and Jeff Hardy to get together and have fun. You can post your thoughts, pics, artwork, fan fics or whatever, as long as it's Hardyz related.

This Community is maintained by
trina_crys & rollinmystang


1. No Off Topic posting

2. You don't have to agree, but you must respect everyone's right to have their own opinion.

3. No flamming or fighting in the community.

4. If posting Raw Spoilers, please post them under a cut until 9am Tuesdays. Remember, not everyone sees Raw when you are seeing it. Don't know what Live Journal cut and other Live Journal specific tags are? Go HERE

5. If you break any of these rules you get one warning then you're gone.

Hardyz Contact Info

Matt's Email: angelicdiablo@earthlink.net

Matt's P.O. Box:

P.O. Box 713
VASS, NC 28394

Jeff's P.O. Box:

Jeff doesn't have a box at the moment.

Official Websites


Itchweeed's Myspace

Peroxwhy?gen's Myspace

Other Great Hardyz Links





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